Urinary Incontinence is the involuntary loss of urine which is objectively demonstrable and causes a social or hygienic problem. It is estimated that anywhere between 25-70% of women suffer from this problem. However the prevalence of urinary incontinence in the community has been severely underestimated. This is because 40% women feel embarrassed to talk about this problem to their doctors and >60% women perceived urine loss as a normal consequence of ageing. Less than half the individuals living in the community with Urinary Incontinence seek treatment.


Yoga positions to strengthen pelvic floor muscles

Women’s pelvic muscles lose strength with mainly 3 factors: Pregnancy, Child birth, especially with vaginal child birth Age If you haven’t read our previous article that talks about ‘How pregnancy affects the pelvic floor muscles’, please click on the below link and read through. Effect of Pregnancy and Child birth on pelvic floor The loss…


Effect of Pregnancy and Child birth on pelvic floor

When a woman gets pregnant, what we see is the changes in her body externally. But, there are several other changes that happen internally in her body that are not visible. The physical changes that happen in a woman’s body during pregnancy are detrimental to the muscles, nerves, connecting tissues in her pelvis region. Weakening…